VFD Series SJ700



  • 30KW – 400KW (SJ700D can be used for both heavy and normal duty)
  • Input voltage 240V for 200V class and 480V for 400V class as standard.
  • Standard Communication: RS 485 MODBUS RTU Interface – 19.2Kbps communication speed
  • Motor Control: V/F Control, Sensorless vector control, Closed-loop vector control*5
  • 400Hz maximum output frequency
  • Protection Class: IP20*4 all frames
  • The high starting torque of 200% or greater at 0.5Hz
  • Applications Fields: Air Compressor, Plastic Machinery, Rotary Klin, Fan & Pump process, Winder, Mixer, Steel, Conveyor, Elevator, Hoist, HVAC,  Extruder,  Injection Molding
Client: Hitachi
Category: Hitachi

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